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Bait information

Bait Information

All bait is supplied at the lake and no other bait is to be used. This is not for a financial benefit, it is to control the quality of bait being introduced into the lake. We offer 2 different baits on site, both of which are detailed below and costs £75 per 10kg.

Frankfurter (House Bait)

The highly digestible base of the Frankfurter boilies contains a balanced and nutritional ingredient profile with vegetable proteins, meat extracts, spices, fishmeals, krill, yeasts, milk proteins, feed stimulants and a completely new extract taken from the food industry all topped off with a stunning Frankfurter attractor package that gives the bait a deep rich meaty aroma which carp find irresistible.

Mainline Cell

A bait which needs no introduction to the fishing industry! One we are sure that you have all heard of! Mainline Cell is available to purchase on site in 10kg bags for £75.

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